Brasserie Dunham

ESTD - 2011


Brasserie Dunham was founded on June 1st 2011. Our portfolio reflect our passion for this fine nectar. Inspired by classics European brewery traditions, our expertise is firmly oriented towards exploration and renewal of kinds. Our approach is clearly in the American modern wave which shakes the foundations of North American brewery since a quarter of century. Through our outstanding menu, we wish to tickles your taste buds and switch on your senses. 

Whether it’s aged in a barrel, full of lupulin, intensely fruity or with a fine wildness, enough talk…CHEERS!

ELOI DEIT - Head Brewer, co-owner

  1. First craft beer: how old were you, where were you, what was it, and what did you think? - “First one was Het Kapittel ABT from Belgium, ordered in a bar in Montreal. I thought it was awful. Tasted like tar and burnt caramel. I couldn't believe people could make such an horrible thing to drink! Then I tried La Chouffe and it really got me intrigued about beer!”
  2. Tell us your favorite joke. Anything goes here, it’s your reputation not ours! - “I’m such a bad joke teller! I can’t even think of a joke to tell. That’s how bad it gets.”
  3. Why sour beer? - "Because it’s so refreshing. It also brings beer to another level of complexity. I’m not a fan of overly sour beers or highly acetic sours, but sourness compliments so well the flavors of a typical beer. Brings it to another level."
  4. What is the one creation you can’t stop thinking about, but just seems too over the top? - "I’m a man of balance in beers, so I never was too much focused on over the top stuff, but…I did a Sichuan pepper saison once. I mean, I over did it. Now, I  really know what Sichuan pepper taste like. I think my taste buds are still numb from that campher-like feeling that was left after a sip of this one."
  5. If Lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and pediococcus were super heroes, who would win and why? - "Definitely brett. It has so many layers and so many personalities. It’s like a multiple superhero, where lacto or pedios are single heroes."
  6. Finally, any idea what beers you’ll be showcasing at the event? If so, tell us a little about each of them. - "We’ll bring: -ORO ZUUR, a golden sour ale dry-hopped with Mosaic. It’s actually a blend of multiple beers that have been aged in barrels. The base beer is an unhoped wheat ale that has been fermented with our house Farmhouse blend and lactos. To add complexity to this one, it was blended with various barrel aged saisons, a barrel of barrel-aged pale ale to give it minimal bitterness, and finally some barrel-aged Berliner weisse to add some sourness. It features tropical fruit aromas with sourness, but a good dose of funky brett presence too. It’s a new beer from us. -HEY HAY! A collaboration beer with Cevada Pura from Brazil. We really like this new one from us too, a beer that was brewed with fresh hay collected right next to the brewery on a farm just outside Dunham. We added the hay in the mash and whirlpool and in fermentation! A secondary fermentation was done over tamarind fruit puree, a tangy pod-like fruit that brings natural sourness to the beer, as well as a light amber hue to it."

3809 rue Principal, Dunham, Québec,
Canada, J0E 1M0
Brasserie: 450-295-1500

WED: 12 to 8PM
THURS-FRI: 12 to 12AM
SAT: 12 to 1AM
SUN: 12 to 8PM