ESTD - 2014

Corralitos Brewing Company first started to put beer in barrels in 2014. Our barrel program focus is on American sour beer production as well as open fermentation. We use neutral red and white wine barrels, puncheons and a foeder. Most of our beers has been primary fermented with American and Belgian strains of Saccharomyces and then put into barrels with our house blends of brettanomyces and souring bacteria. This secondary inoculation gives the beer a complex flavor profile over time. Our other barrels are filled with open fermentation beers using 100% brettanomyces fermentation. We use a pair of open top fermenships in a controlled room with filtered air from our brewery roof. Our location on the central coast allows us access to ripe fruit throughout the year which we add to select barrels. All of our sour beers are blended before packaging.

Luke Taylor - President

  1. First craft beer: how old were you, where were you, what was it, and what did you think? “16. friends house. Sierra Nevada PA.  I liked it, a little bitter."
  2. Tell us your favorite joke. Anything goes here, it’s your reputation not ours! "There's a big conference of beer producers. 

    At the end of the day, the presidents of all the beer companies decided to have a drink in a bar. The president of Budweiser orders a Bud, the president of Miller orders a Miller, Adolph Coors orders a Coors and so on.

    Then the waitress asks me what I want to drink, and much to everyone's surprise, I ordered a Coke!

    "Why don't you order your beer?" my colleagues ask.

    "Naah. If you guys won't drink beer, then neither will I.""

  3. Why sour beer? "You surrender control. There is no repeatable results. All unique and environmentally driven."
  4. What is the one creation you can’t stop thinking about, but just seems too over the top? "I cant think of anything too over the top right now. Brewers are a very creative group."
  5. If Lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and pediococcus were super heroes, who would win and why? "Brettanomyces! This guy is a super yeast and always shows up when you need him, and he always finishes the job."
  6. Finally, any idea what beers you’ll be showcasing at the event? If so, tell us a little about each of them: 

    Beer #1: Subject to Change- A blend of 4 different Saisons aged 17 months in French Oak Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Cabernet barrels. 3.2 PH 5,8% abv

    Beer #2: Red Medicine- A sour blonde ale aged 13 months in Pinot Noir barrels. Local raspberries added and allowed to ferment out. 3.1 PH 5.6% abv

    Beer #3. Sour Blonde w/ Apricots- A blonde ale soured 9 months in Chardonnay barrels with house microbes and Blenheim Apricots. 3.4 PH 5.8% abv

WED-FRI 4 to 8 PM
SAT & SUN 12 to 8 PM