Telegraph Brewing is an award-winning craft brewery located on downtown Santa Barbara. Established in 2006, Telegraph specializes in brewing uniquely American and Belgian-inspired beers using 100% domestic ingredients and as many local ingredients as possible. The brewery strives to capture in its beers the culinary and agricultural traditions of Santa Barbara and California’s Central Coast.

Telegraph’s Obscura line, established in 2011, represents the confluence of old and new. Here we blend traditional wild ale techniques with modern progression and experimentation. The Latin word ‘Obscura’ means dark or shadowy, obscure, from unknown origins; it’s a fitting sur name given to beers from our barrel-aged and wild-fermented brewing program. Some Obscura beers are recurring, some will never be seen again, all are distinctive.

Patrick Ceriale - Barrel Master

  1. First craft beer: how old were you, where were you, what was it, and what did you think? - “The beer that set me into craft beer was Wookie Jack. I was in college, my roommate was an events guy for Firestone and brought beer back to the house. I drank a bomber to myself and thought, ‘Dang.’”
  2. Tell us your favorite joke. Anything goes here, it’s your reputation not ours! - “Any ‘Dad’ joke, usually terrible, stale, without punchlines. Here’s an example: ‘If a Vegan does Crossfit, what do they tell you about first?’”
  3. Why sour beer? - I’ve been in love with hoppy beers, with lagers and German style beers. Still am. Sour beers are completely unique. I love the lactic and brett characters you don’t get with any other beverage, beer or otherwise.
  4. What is the one creation you can’t stop thinking about, but just seems too over the top? - I’m going to keep that one to myself, incase I ever figure out how to make it work.
  5. If Lactobacillus, brettanomyces, and pediococcus were super heroes, who would win and why? - Brettanomyces, because its Superman without kryptonite. If anything ever gets contaminated around here, It’s gonna be by Brett.
  6. Finally, any idea what beers you’ll be showcasing at the event? If so, tell us a little about each of them. - At a minimum we are bringing some form of Reserve Wheat, that beer is a classic and we’ve been tinkering with unique versions using the German Style Sour Ale as a base beer and they’ve been turning out awesome. I know at least one oak barrel aged sour ale is going to make the trip, we have a few barrel aged wild ales we have been stashing. Let’s wait and see who wins the debate between the Tasting Room and our sales guy.

(805) 963-5018

FRI-SAT 2 to 10 PM
SUN 1 to 7 PM