Providing Water, Health, and Hope since 1977

Enjoy some good beer while doing good in the world.

The water source that was funded by BarrelHouse Brewing Company's 2016 Central Coast SourFest is now complete, and 185 vulnerable children in the village of Chala, Bensa and their families now have safe water. To those of you who participated in the event last year, thank you. We wouldn't have been able to do this without you. Join us again this year to continue raising funds to change lives for the better.


Collecting water is often the most time-consuming and most important daily activity for women and young girls in developing countries (read Tibka's story). The weight of the water they carry also exposes them to a greater risk of malnutrition, back problems, and anemia. Many women are leading efforts in their communities for access to safe water and adequate sanitation because when safe water is easily accessible and good health is the norm, women have more time to properly care for their families or even work outside the home.

443 Million school days are missed every year because of preventable water-borne disease.

$40 gives back 1,780 School days to one child. For children, the demands of retrieving water for their families leave little time or energy for studies. In addition, children are often too sick from water-related diseases to go to school, or the embarrassment of diarrhea keeps them home. People all over the world cite lack of education as one of the main obstacles to reducing poverty. This is why issues like water, hygiene and sanitation are key to improving education.

Every 60 Seconds a child under the age of five dies from a preventable water-borne disease

$40 can save a life. Those under the age of five are especially vulnerable to the serious effects of unsafe water, a lack of hygiene, and inadequate sanitation facilities and practices. Communities without safe water constantly face serious threats to their children’s health.